Allegria de los Cielos

Color:  bright blood bay
Age:  13 yrs
Size: 15.1H
Sex: Mare
Price:  over $15,000 if purchased outright, less if “sponsored” purchase: Buyer agrees to train and compete this horse in a suitable discipline, such as endurance riding, representing Rancho de los Cielos, with breeding rights maintained by Rancho de los Cielos
Sire was Ninja de Sao Joaquim, pure black 15.1H regional champion Brazilian stallion, Abaiba bloodlines, both batida and picada gaited. Ninja sired almost 50 children in Brazil, 3/4 male; 1/5 competed at regional and national championship levels, and 2/3 of these were his daughters. Dam is Fiesta do Campo Real, 14.3H bright bay, Brazilian imported, picada/centered batida, Conde Trimonte lineage, proven producer of picada and doubly gaited progeny and still a lesson horse at 26 yrs young.

When Allegria was born, she sauntered up, head high, eyes bright, ears forward, and said “Hello. Let’s play.” Nothing can dim this mare’s bright confidence or open, welcoming ways. Her tall, athletic, classically Mangalarga Marchador physique glows with vitality…and then you realize just how muscled and crested that high, arched neck is, how deep the chest, how well-sloped the shoulders fitted to long humeri (for great extension), the strength in those hind quarters, long legs with great overreach. She is definitely a mare… a tall mare with incredible picada gait…and more horse than most Mangalarga Marchador stallions. Allegria was trained for competition by Alessandra Deerinck  (Human Horse Sensing). Under Alessandra, Allegria led the US Marchadors in completing 25 mile endurance rides, exhibited in both classic and cowboy dressage, competed in trail obstacles, and was US National Champion Mare in the Las Vegas show of 2014. This is the mare that represented Mangalarga Marchadors in the American Endurance Ride Conference’s delegation in the 2016 Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA. Allegria could be bred next spring, either to Claudia Bellandi’s Delmug Dos Bugres or with imported frozen semen from a Brazilian picada stallion. The right rider will find an all around riding horse and especially an endurance horse beyond compare in this mare, but we won’t part with her for just anyone. We’d love to see her as pivotal in the development of a riding, competing, and/or breeding network centered on Rancho de los Cielos. She is for sale, could be a partnership, could be a sponsored sale for exhibition/competition or for a breeding partnership.

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