Zenitram de los Cielos

Color:  black

Age:  7

Sale Price:  over $15,000 if purchased outright, less if “sponsored” purchase: Buyer agrees to train and show this horse in competition, representing Rancho de los Cielos, with breeding rights maintained by Rancho de los Cielos

Stud fee:  $1000 to MM mares; $500 outcrosses. Live cover, fresh cooled semen available and frozen semen availability planned for the future.

Sire was Ninja de Sao Joaquim, pure black 15.1H regional champion Brazilian stallion, Abaiba bloodlines, did both batida and picada at liberty and under saddle, ridden at jumps, exhibited in dressage   Dam is Consentida do Cascade, 16H black batida mare, daughter of the small but exquisitely gaited Oxium do Vale da Prata and the 16H imported bay mare, Nikita do Campo Real

Zenitram de los Cielos most resembles his beloved grandfather, Oxum, well known for his affectionate, engaging personality, a “ham” and a “show off” at shows. Zenitram grew slowly and we feared he would be small as Oxum was, but he finally measures 15H. Like Oxum, he has the large doe eyes and smaller, sculpted face of Herdade forbears, but he has his mother’s build, Andalusian-like, that enables him to carry a heavy rider and look happy doing it. His gait is pure picada, very smooth. He can rate up or down in that gait and transitions in and out of a canter easily, so he is still fast, sure-footed, and well able to master rapid travel over rough terrain. His training has reached the stage where he would benefit from hours more practice, although he has the basics down. There are few or no breeding stallions in the US whose picada gait will rival Zenitram’s. He has value as a breeding stallion, but has had limited use on our ranch, where most of our mares of breeding age are his relatives. He’s waiting for the right rider to finish him, polish him, and ride him in the limelight that he deserves. We feel so confident of his success that we’re offering him as a candidate for sponsorship, meaning that we’ll subsidize his purchase in a collaborative agreement to get him properly launched into a show career and then as a breeding stallion.

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