Consentida do Cascade

Color:  black

Age:  11 yrs

Size:  16H

Price:  OVER $15K

Sire is Oxium do Vale da Prata, a barely 14.1H black stallion of incredible centered gait and cheerful personality, imported from Brazil and the original poster boy for the US Mangalarga Marchadors Association. He was primarily the product of Haras Porto Azul, the pooling of multiple traditional and classic bloodlines   Dam is Nikita do Campo Real, a 16.1H bay mare of batida gait descended primarily from Abaiba bloodlines and best known for her size and power

Consentida was born bay but changed to black by a year of age (still has a rusty tint to the hair under her belly). She grew to be 16H but, unlike her mom’s lumbering batida, Consentida’s batida is like flowing oil. She has the extension, overreach, and natural collection that marked the ideal traditional marcha. Unlike many Mangalarga Marchadors, she easily carries a 6ft man, or a man over 200 lbs. Moreso than any of my other breeding stock, her conformation is a throwback to the Alto Real stallions that founded the Mangalarga Marchadors, who bore a resemblance to modern day Lusitanos and Andalusians. She has a unique niche in American breeding, with potential to inculcate great gait and increased height and mass. She’s already produced a 15H pure picada, pure black stallion with her conformation and just recently a golden dun stud colt who’s already taller than his brother at this age and looks to have the modern show quality batida already. Consentida remains as Jake’s favorite riding mare, easily able to carry a big man and still cover difficult terrain, with potential as a hunter/jumper for a different rider.  She’s on the sales list because all of our horses are available for sale.

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