Luna Sombra de los Cielos

Color:  black

Age:  3

Size: already 14.3H, expected 15.1

Price UNDER $15K

Sire is Zorro de los Cielos, 15H smokey black US born ABCCMM and USMMA registered batida stallion (does untaught picada under saddle only), son of Regional champion stallion, Ninja de Sao Joaquim, and Regional champion mare, Jaina do Passo Fino

Dam is Fiesta do Campo Real, 14.3H bright bay, Brazilian imported, picada/centered batida, Conde Trimonte lineage

Luna Sombra is the last child we’ll get from Fiesta, who has been a gait-producing pillar of our breeding program. Luna Sombra does a centered batida, exceeding smooth, with the extension and overreach that made champions of her grandparents in Brazil. Even standing still, she is bright, lithe, panther-graceful.  She has the large, doe eyes and smaller face of her Herdade heritage.  She progresses rapidly in training because she learns from watching other horses in training. She learned to carry a rider faster than any of them. This mare should mature into the kind of horse even a creaky 65yr old woman like me could ride endurance on…and may yet do. She will have the lean physique, the natural collection, the suppleness, the resilience, the grace to flow over rough places, for this sport or competitive trail, but she’ll have the carriage and precision that could make dressage possible for a rider so inclined. And she’s a love.

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