2020 Rancho de los Cielos Designer Foal

Color: probably bay or chestnut, could be palomino or buckskin
Age: birth expected June 2020
Ht: expected to top 15H
Gender: unknown
Price: Under $15K
Contact: Theresa Longo and Jacob Martinez, reach at 951-808-2183 or [email protected], and/or Claudia Bellandi, CC Bellandi Mangalarga Marchador Breeding and Training, Ocala, FL 352-816-2927, [email protected]

Sire is Naire Das Aguas JM, 14.3H chestnut batida stallion, and son of contemporary champion of champions, Urutu da Caduceu. Imported by Claudia Bellandi.  Dam is Querida de los Cielos, (pictured) US born, 15H buckskin batida mare, daughter of Traituba Zumbido, proven producer of height and great gait, on lease from Mel Hong (Dynast Marchadors). Querida’s daughter, Rio de los Cielos, just distinguished herself exhibited in hand by Tom Marcos at the Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA.

This unborn foal is available for sale. Like all Designer Foals, was engendered to fulfill a niche in Rancho de los Cielos’ own breeding program. A foal from this union would renew the Rancho de los Cielos promise to breed champions from champions. Both parents are tender-hearted, young, eager. Both are conformationally refined, regal, with an aura of energy.  Both parents manifest the style and execution of batida gait that is presently winning national competitions in Brazil. The distinction is not subtle: from across the pasture, you can see the pronounced circular front leg action that lends machine like precision to the marcha as a whole and snap to the moments of triple hoof support so fundamental to making the 4 beat marcha this smooth. Conformational factors build in the lift, suppleness, energy, and speed that make this batida so distinct from the more classic batida that emphasized extension. Expect a bright and blythe spirit, boundless energy, classic Mangalarga Marchador features, and extraordinary gait to rival champions in Brazil.

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