El Milagro de los Cielos - colt

Color: Presently golden dun but may mature to smokey black
Age: Born 09/05/2019
Height: Already tall, expected to mature to 15.2H or taller
Price: Under $10,000

Firstborn son of 15.2H, golden dun, batida/picada stallion, Avatar de los Cielos (Abaiba x Tabatinga and Herdade) and Consentida do Cascade, (Herdade) 16H, black, batida mare. Like all Designer Foals from Rancho de los Cielos, El Milagro was bred by Jake and Theresa to be a horse we’d be proud to keep for ourselves, even though he was bred for sale. He was bred with Jake in mind: a horseman since childhood whose last 21 years have been spent breeding, training, and trail riding gaited horses, mostly Mangalarga Marchadors. The man has no quit in him.   He’ll be 63 yrs old, a little shrunk down from 5’10” but likely still 200+ pounds when El Milagro is ready to ride. The horse for that man had better grow up taller than most Mangalarga Marchadors,  serious, calm, and willing in demeanor, and built to glide over rugged terrain in a natural 4 beat gait with no frills, pure power, preferably with the versatility to range through both picada (slower, lateral) and batida (faster, diagonal) before reaching a gallop. The gait he’s got. Today. The size is coming. His is the willing heart, confidence and integrity to be an easy horse to train. We expect him to grow up gentle enough for your grandchildren but we hope he goes to a warrior, or someone who was one, or who dreams of being one. 

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