June 2015 Trail Rider Ad

Several Marchador breeders and the USMMA got together to put an ad into the June magazine which featured articles on how to select a trail horse. Here’s the final result.   Feel free to download and use. PDF File:  TTRM-USMMA-0615-proof4

FOSH Sound Advocate features the Marchador!

FOSH is the Friends of Sound Horses, an international gaited horse association.   They love all gaited breeds and their magazine featured the Mangalarga Marchador this month. Please consider joining this fine association or looking to attend some of their clinics and shows! To read or download the article, click here below to follow the…

Marcha Gait Genetics

Dr. Ann Staiger of Cornell University is researching gaited horse breeds to find the “gait gene”. Her studies also include lots of measurements of the angles and body parts of the horse to determine the role of conformation and gait. Ann recently traveled to Brasil during the 2012 MM National Show at the invitation of…

Saddle and Stirrups Magazine Features the Mangalarga Marchador

Lynn Kelley is a regular contributor to the new Saddle and Stirrups ipad magazine. You can subscribe today through itunes or by following this link: http://saddleandstirrups.com/magazine. Downloaded in over 65 countries, this new digital format allows for better pictures, videos and more! The first article appeared in the October 2012 issue and featured the MM…

Brochure – Sample from Going Gaited

Created for Summerwind Marchadors by Lynn Kelley and Going Gaited Magazine.    Customizable for the charge of printing – about $1 per brochure. All MM articles printed and MM advertising are scanned images or pdf files.  Please click on the underlined item (you may have to click on 2 screens) to view the item. MM Brochure