USMMA Board Elected

The USMMA elections for the Board of Directors 2018-2022 were concluded in December.   Thank you all for voting.  Following this letter from the President are the results of the election, the USMMA Board Members and their emails.


Dear USMMA members,


We are currently at 94 annual or lifetime members.   We believe it is the first time we have passed the 90 mark and would like to shoot for over 100 members in 2018!
We have $10,000 in our bank account - holding steady each year.   Our annual budget is $6,000 - $8,000 depending on the events and promotions planned for the year.   Every year, our operating budget goes to funding the website, registration supplies, mailing and the show subsidy awards for members ($250 each).   Additionally, we like to support horse expositions and events in each region with a USMMA booth and materials.    Last year, we funded re-creation of our booth show kit with banners and brochures.   This “show kit”  is available to ship to your next MM event.   We missed the mark in 2017 when Equitana Open Air - October 2017,  the event to be our annual USMMA event was canceled on short notice.    We achieved other goals and survived other losses, replacing 2 board members and naming a new USMMA registrar, Randy Conilogue.


One of my goals as President was to encourage us to work together more as a team and to have fun with our Marchador horses.   We all want to succeed - whether it be one owner, one horse, or a breeding barn.   Getting press and making news is a good thing for the Marchador breed.   Everyone benefits by the name recognition and exposure.
We are in a strong position to continue our path to success.     It is our volunteers that make good things happen!


Please meet your newly elected Board of Directors for 2018!


Best regards,
Jeff Bosley
USMMA President


PRESIDENT   Jeff Bosley, [email protected]
SECRETARY  Alessandra Deerinck, [email protected]
TREASURER  Lynn Kelley, [email protected]
BOARD MEMBER AT LARGE,  Rick Schatz, [email protected]
BOARD MEMBER AT LARGE, Cathy Pierce, [email protected]
BOARD MEMBER AT LARGE, Aline Greene, [email protected]
BOARD MEMBER AT LARGE, Jake Martinez, [email protected]

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