Show Subsidy Award Form

Program Goals:

  • To promote the Marchador in different geographical areas of North America
  • To showcase the Marchador in different types of events
  • To showcase well-trained, well-gaited Marchadors ridden by owners, breeders or professional trainers

Application Deadlines   March 1, June 1, September 1.  If money is still available after September 1, we will continue to approve applications.

You may apply as often as you want, but each member is limited to one award per calendar year.   Decisions based solely on submissions received according to the program goals above.

Program Administrator:  Laurie Klassen, USMMA member.

You may fill out this form on-line or print and mail to:   Laurie Klassen, 9 Rolling Hills Lane, Casa Rio, SK Canada S7T 1B8

Application form:

Show Subsidy Award

Application for USMMA award - up to $250.
  • Full name, age and registration number
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Rider/exhibitor must be MM's owner, trainer or other professional trainer.
  • Where, What type of event, # of participants or # of attendees, etc.
  • Please explain how you would promote the Marchador breed at this event.
  • These could include transportation expense, stall expense, entry fees, booth expenses etc. Each application award is for actual expenses UP TO $250.
  • Please provide date needed as items require shipping. You can also request what you need, not the whole booth kit. Brochures, banners, etc.