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The entire USMMA website is available to the general public without logging on!  (except for 2 functions)  Here are the 2:

  1. The MEMBER DIRECTORY page with addresses, phone numbers and other contact information is only available after a member logs in.
  2. The ability to ADD a Post to the MEMBER POSTS page is only granted to members who log in to the website.

To establish a log in:  

  • Go to the right-hand side of any website page and click on MEMBER LOGIN.  The following screen should appear.
U.S. Mangalarga Marchador Association (USMMA)

← Back to U.S. Mangalarga Marchador Association (USMMA)
  • Click on REGISTER and complete the information on that screen.  Then hit the REGISTER button on the bottom.
  • If the information required is complete, this should take you to our Log In screen where you will be able to LOG IN.

Please pick a user name and password you will remember!

Your account must be activated in order to post and that can take up to 48 hours.   If you have any problems logging in, need a new password or have other difficulties, please report them to Lynn Kelley at [email protected]   The LOST YOUR PASSWORD function does not appear to be working at this time, so manual intervention is required.

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