Marchador Article in the Summer AERC EXTRA

Click the link to read the article online. Here is the start! Breed focus: Mangalarga Marchador A horse with a different gear by Alessandra Deerinck I am always open something new, and even more if it is about horses. Throughout my life I competed in jumping, flat racing, dressage and trail, and in 2009…

Article in Horseman’s News

The Spanish Breed issue was distributed widely at the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse in Burbank, CA. To get a pdf copy of the article, please click on the links below: may16_hn_24      may16_hn_26 To view the magazine on-line, (requires Adobe Flash Player) follow this link: The articles about Marchador horses starts on…

June 2015 Trail Rider Ad

Several Marchador breeders and the USMMA got together to put an ad into the June magazine which featured articles on how to select a trail horse. Here’s the final result.   Feel free to download and use. PDF File:  TTRM-USMMA-0615-proof4

Send in your Marchador story!

Below is an editor from Horse and Rider magazine, requesting stories about the Mangalarga Marchador.   Please send your photos and stories to [email protected]! Jennifer came to meet the Marchador at the Las Vegas Events in October 2015.

Marcha Gait Genetics

Dr. Ann Staiger of Cornell University is researching gaited horse breeds to find the “gait gene”. Her studies also include lots of measurements of the angles and body parts of the horse to determine the role of conformation and gait. Ann recently traveled to Brasil during the 2012 MM National Show at the invitation of…